CEO of shebang revealed what will happen in just 48 hours Shiba Inu news today the crypto Market was in the red on Thursday after the U.S federal reserve increased interest rates by another 75 basis points.

 Bitcoin posted mild Cuts but outperformers like doggo coin and sheba I knew were in the red Bitcoin continued to hover over its most under twenty thousand dollar support line whereas polygon Rose higher along with uniswap in this video we will talk about CEO of Shiba Inu revealed what will happen in just 48 Hours Shiba Inu news.

 The 3rd of November barring some old coins and stable coins most crypto tokens were trading lower doggocoin led the losers with a seven percent cut followed by Shiba I knew which plunged for a percent however polygon Rose over six percent the global cryptocurrency market cap was trading marginally lower at the one dollar trillion Mark dropping more than a percent in the last 24 hours however the total trading volume doomed almost 40 to 100 to billion dollars shiba inu showed significant bullish strength during the last days of October Following last week's successful bullish trade idea the ship price shows a few continuation of trend signals key levels have been defined to gauge the next move Shiba Inus price stunned the crypto Market as the notorious meme coin rallied 55 during the final week of October.

 it was mentioned in last week's bullish thesis when ship traded at zero point zero zero zero zero one thousand ninety dollars that a 20 rally was likely to challenge the bearish liquidity levels near 0.0001 350 the Bulls validated the bullish trade idea and then some printing a last minute monthly high at 0.0001 509 Shiba inu's price currently auctions at 0.001189 as bears were reluctant to short the ship price after over exceeding day Traders expectations Sheba is down 21 since the Newfound October high was established the swing saw an influx of volume and breached oversold territory on the relative strength index the ship price Now Auctions just above the eight-day exponential moving average this is the first reacquaintance with the moving average after the bullish cross occurred on October 27th which catalyzed the additional 30 percent the RSI also remains in bullish territory suggesting the uptrend can continue considering these factors the ship price has the potential to challenge newly established shorts near the monthly high at 0.0001 509 a rally from.

 Today's price would result in a 30 percent increase in market value in validation of the bullish thesis could occur if the Bears breached the 0.0000 one thousand forty dollars liquidity Zone which resides under the 21-day simple moving
average a sweep of the low could trigger an additional decline towards 0.000 970 dollars the price of Sheba I knew would decline by 17 if the invalidation scenario occurred Twitter user at Chiba play underscore has posted many tweets in which he shared data from others can about massive transactions of the Sheba NuMe coin over the past 24 hours the largest of these carried a minimum of 100 billion chip the largest one was worth 200 to billion for 138 million 224 and 930 coins in total 847 billion canine coins were moved by the anonymous holder well alert 200 to billion 438 in my llio into two four and 930 ship transferred a total of 100 billion ship from this series of transactions were moved to The okex Exchange to be sold the equivalent of the 850 billion ship mentioned above is 10 million 268 thousand dollars a few days before that cryptocurrency influencer David Goldstein founder of gotstein Media announced that he would buy more Sheba I need to add to his statue he planned on grabbing roughly over 2 million meme coins he confirmed his support for ship stating that he is big on Shiba Inu and Doga coin no matter what maximalists from these communities think about him for supporting a rival coin over the past few days ship has been down from its recent local high of zero point zero zero zero zero fourteen Fifteen by fifteen percent the price sits in a Range trading at 0.0001 203 Sheba I knew layer to builders unification has released the latest updates about the shibarium launch in June 2022 unification revealed that the public beta testing of shibarium might be unveiled by the third quarter of 2022 or afterward added xrp support to binance card thus binance now supports a total of 14 kryptos including Shiba Inu Ada the card application has been released by binance it is a pay solution that allows cryptocurrency users to spend crypto assets with traders in various parts of the world the pay solution supports real-time crypto Fiat conversion so binance has announced that it will add xrp and ship to the list of tokens supported on the card following the announcement the ship Community seemed excited shib's official Twitter account immediately announced the good news the binance card will be available to ship fans and users in Europe card will be available to ship fans and users in Europe with this new provision ship users can now trade tokens at more than 60 million trading points worldwide.

There is also a special offer with up to eight percent annual repayment the development came after milkshake an official member of the ship marketing team discussed the utility and growth possibilities of ship with binance.

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